“A true artist searches tools to make his piece, a true salesman will optimise the way he achieves it. So combining tools and working effectiveness-first are key components of my progression throughout a project. Open-minded, Social-skilled and a total lack of normality.”
– the owner of this website

Greatest perks: Achiever, stress-resilient, leader-minded

Greatest flaws: impatient, not a conveyor belt worker, random urges to dance


The core of my skillset is flexibility, adaptability and fast learning.

Adobe Premiere
Adobe CC

Being Proactive in both team Motivation and Communication are keys to my work ethic.

Visual Storytelling
Principles of Animation
Principles of Editing and Framing
Project Management
fan of rainbow-themed graphs

A good project takes sweat and laughs, cause if anything can be felt within the visual arts, it’s the love within our works.


  • 5 years of College | bachelor’s degree in graphic art and visual media
  • 1 year 2015 of having my own business
  • 1 year 2016 working on cut-scenes (lighting and FX) for a triple A game
  • 1 year 2017 working on a kids show (lighting and Comp) for TV
  • 1 year 2018 working as a production consultant
  • 8 years of maintaining YouTube channels with +6k audiences
  • Elaboration on demand


Aaron D’Haene
VFX Supervisor
Els Jacxens
Project Manager